Pagoda Pattaya

Bar & Guesthouse

Welcome to Pagoda Bar & Guest House. We are a small hotel chain located in Pattaya Thailand and our goal is to provide a friendly affordable stay without compromising the quality and cleanness and convenient location. 


Our rooms are very spacious and have to air-condition, cable TV and Hot showers. 

Pagoda Guesthouse and Bar 

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Why stay with Pagoda?

Pagoda Guesthouse probably ticks all the boxes for anyone looking to find a place to stay as were located in the heart of town. Everything is walking distance whether it be bars, restaurants, massage parlours, you name it!

Pagoda Bua Khao

Pagoda 17 on 3rd

Fast WiFi

Internet Is Important and Pagoda's WiFi will knock your socks off. We only use best of the best with a dedicated 300 MB up and down bandwidth.

Bar & Restaurant

We have wide variety of food and beverages both Western, Thai and Italian freshly made in house.


Bua Khao

If your looking for action in the heart of the city then this is the place for you. All round entertainment from Dusk till Dawn.



17 on 3rd

If your looking for something a bit similar but with easy quieter evenings then this is for you. Heard of Soi Land Office?